"I can’t say enough amazing things about Kara and bright beginnings midwifery. I had 3 ok hospital births, nothing terrible, just a pretty standard delivery except epidurals don’t work great for me. With my 4th, I had an out of hospital birth, and he was diagnosed with cancer at 9 weeks old. With my fifth I was not willing to go to a hospital or anywhere near one. I’d just spent the better part of a year in a hospital with all the best chemotherapy being pumped into my baby. He’s fine now, but I want to explain the level of medical trauma darling Kara was having to help me work through. She’s incredible. So incredible. She checked my dilation once, and only because I was past dates and wanted to get things going. I was at zero centimeters. Past dates with baby 5 and 0 freaking centimeters! My last baby was born a couple days later at home with Kara by my side. She gauged my progress by the sounds I made and left my cervix to do its thing. I was never told to push, she let me birth exactly as my body told me to. I always thought that was a bunch of hogwash, and women who say they have beautiful births must be getting the really good meds. My birth was beautiful. My kids were there and even they enjoyed the experience. They weren’t scared because I was so at ease and the pain remained very very manageable. 11lbs 14ounces of delicious little boy, born at home. Please give Kara a call. She’s truly incredible! " - Jackie

"My wife and I recently had our first child at home under the care of Kara and we could not be happier with the experience. I am a pediatrician that cares for critically ill, hospitalized children so I was a little hesitant when my wife expressed her desire for a home birth. I am very well aware of all the potential things that can go wrong with newborns even though I know that most babies are delivered without issue. Having Kara as our midwife allowed me to feel extremely comfortable with having a home birth. Like a good physician, she is well aware of all the complications that can arise during the delivery but has a very calm presence that is informed by her 40 years of experience as a midwife. I felt very safe during our home birth, and knowing that such a skilled and knowledgeable person was present. This allowed me the freedom to focus on being supportive of my wife during her labor and not worry about all the possible complications that I know unfortunately can happen from time to time. I would highly recommend Kara to anyone who is considering having a home birth. She sees birth as a sacred experience that most often proceeds naturally, but is still ready to intervene should she feel that there is cause for concern. Having such a birth guardian helped us to have a beautiful experience birthing our daughter in the peacefulness of our own home." -J. Sheikhizadeh, MD

"I came to Kara at 35 weeks pregnant because I just couldn't take the constant scare tactics of my regular OB. I wanted an HBAC2 and after talking about all that meant and my history, Kara had every confidence that I could be successful and have the birth I'd been dreaming of. I drove over 30 minutes each way to see her and each time brought my two young daughters with me and the girls just loved her too. She was so great with them during my appointments, not treating them like they were a nuisance.

When it came time for the birth, Kara was so supportive and helped me find a strength I didn't know I had in me. She made me feel so confident and helped me know that I was doing everything right, even though it didn't seem to be working. In the end, after over a day of labor at home, I had to transfer to a hospital and ended up with my 3rd c section. Even though Kara was not able to be the one to deliver my baby, she was such a great support and a wonderful cheerleader for me. After the birth, she helped me to realize that I had worked as hard during labor as any mom does who gets a vaginal birth. That really helped me accept the outcome better.

Now that I'm pregnant again it doesn't make sense for me personally to see a midwife since I'm no longer a candidate for vbac, but if I had that option, I'd go back to Kara in a heartbeat! She and her team were all just so wonderful!" -Amy