Comprehensive Prenatal Services

We want all of our families to be active participants in their pregnancies, making decisions that best suit their values and support their experience, by having all the information they need to make those decisions. Every appointment is scheduled for 45-60 minutes, so there is plenty of time for questions. Every prenatal visit includes a standard clinical assessment of parent and baby including a blood pressure check, monitoring your baby’s growth and position, lab work and ultrasound referral as needed and listening to your baby’s heart beat.

Home birth Services

Births are attended by myself and my current student who is also my birth assistant. You may have anyone you wish present at the birth of your baby, whether that means an intimate moment with just you and your partner or your entire extended family! During labor we provide guidance and support to ensure that the labor is progressing normally for both parent and baby. Many non-pharmacological methods of pain relief are offered during labor including birth tubs, massage, heat/cold, position changes and empowerment.

Upon arrival at your home we will check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and listen to your baby’s heart beat. We will continue monitoring you and your baby's vital signs intermittently throughout labor so you are able to move and find positions that are the most comfortable.

The first moments after the birth of your baby are special, known as the “golden hour.” Skin to skin contact, bonding and breastfeeding are encouraged and actively supported by myself. We are able to make sure that parent and baby are doing well with a minimal amount of disruption. A thorough newborn exam, including weight and measurements is done a couple of hours after the birth to make sure those first moments of bonding are completely yours.

We normally spend 2-4 hours after your birth. We make sure that both baby and parent are stable before we leave. Thorough instructions are given and I am always available for questions or concerns from the moment of birth until you are discharged from my care at 6weeks.


During the first week after the birth, we do two visits at your home to check on you and your baby. The first visit is done at 24-36 hours after birth and includes the Newborn Metabolic and Congenital Heart Defects screenings that are required by the state. The second visit is done at around day 3 to check on your baby's weight and to make sure breastfeeding is getting off to a good start! The birth certificate for your baby is also submitted and a social security number is requested during this time.

We will continue to see you for postpartum care until 6-8 weeks after birth. The postpartum period is a journey through many physical and emotional transitions. This journey is an essential part of parenthood and the developing family unit. I am here to accompany you and support you through this journey.

We can provide normal newborn care for your baby for the first 2 weeks. All clients are asked to identify a newborn care provider for your baby in advance of your due date. If a concern arises, your baby will be referred to the pediatric specialist you have chosen for assessment and treatment.

I also offer Birth Tub Rentals and have a vast lending library!